Case Study (SEO)


Increased sales by 86%


FRDMXWNDR is a Japanese inspired clothing brand, established by popular YouTube star, Exploring With Steve. They have been working with us at ALP since 2019 following a comprehensive website and marketing audit and the redesign of their website. Since then, our partnership has developed further where ALP now undertakes all SEO and Paid Google activity.


After the redesign and development of the FRDMXWNDR brand website, the focus shifted to a range of Paid Marketing on Google and Social Media platforms as well as a combined approach with SEO, targeting their individual products and hoodies.

We set up a range of campaigns on Google Shopping to target shoppers searching for Japanese style clothing as well as remarketing campaigns for users that had visited the YouTube videos, Social Media and website previously but had not yet made a purchase on the website.

Additionally, we performed a range of on-page SEO for categories and products to increase organic ranking and traffic, as well as an off-page backlink campaign to increase website authority on Google.



Increase in profit from paid ads


Direct return on ad spend


Reduction in cost per click

“Without ALP Advertising, our business would not be what it is today. They helped us launch our website, attract traffic and create online sales.”

– Director, FRDMXWNDR