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Make your PPC budget work even harder in 2021

Pay for immediate traffic

PPC is an amazing way to increase website traffic and conversions by paying each time somebody clicks a link to your site.

The beauty of PPC Marketing is that you only pay when somebody visits your site, and is often an immediate way to start generating traffic which makes it great for newly established websites and businesses.

Done properly, Paid Marketing can be very cost effective, as on average merchants get a 2:1 return on their ad spend.

At ALP, we specialise in a range of PPC marketing platforms, from Google Ads and Google Shopping to a range of Social Media platforms.

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Ongoing Management

Ongoing management is a cost-effective solution for businesses that run lots of campaigns throughout the year and need a closer eye on each campaign. This generally applies to E-Commerce businesses.

One-Time Audit

A one-time audit can help identify weak points and plan a stronger campaign structure to optimise conversions

Strong Setup

All campaigns are created with the goal of high reach, max clicks, low cost and ultimately maximise conversions

Ongoing Consulting

If you like to run ads yourself or have an in-house team, sometimes a second opinion can be all you need

ROI Focused Performance

It can be unnerving spending money to make money, so all of our ads are created with your return on investment in mind

Platforms we utilise

Google Shopping

Bing Ads

Display Ads

Facebook Logo

Social Media Advertising


Bing Shopping

Campaign Structure & Optimisation


of our clients renew their PPC contracts with us


campaigns managed across our clients

Frequently asked questions

It's a common misconception that "the more I spend, the more traffic I'll get and the more money we'll make". Unfortunately, if campaigns aren't optimised then this will only get you so far.

Start off with a budget that makes sense for your business, and consider things like how competitive your industry is and what your CPC may be.

We can discuss this with you to help decide on a budget.

Nothing is a guarantee, however, when paid marketing is set up and managed properly, results are extremely likely.

It's important to budget accordingly, which when paired with a great sales funnel you can expect to start seeing results within a week.


We'll generate reports on a monthly basis to show you:

  • How much has been spent
  • How many visitors your website has recieved
  • How much it has cost for each visitor to click your ad (CPC)
  • How many conversions you have had as a result of the ads
  • How much profit you have made against how much you have spent (Your ROI)

If you ever want to know how ads are going mid-month, give us a call and we're happy to break them down for you.

Remarketing is quite literally re-marketing to an audience.

This audience might be people who have previously visited your website or viewed your products, of which we would then re-target them with an advert to get them to come back and purchase.

Remarketing is a technique which generally results in a much higher ROI.

We have a range of pricing models to suit each project individually, and generally charge based on how much time is required on your campaigns.

As PPC is all about maximising your ROI, we'll always work out a suitable pricing model to do just that.

This may be a percentage of your max budget, a flat monthly fee and may include a set-up fee. In any case, we're happy to discuss this and quote your project as early as possible.

In most cases, yes. Digital marketing is all about using a combination of platforms to maximise traffic to your website and to increase conversions. 

This means in an ideal situation, we'd use PPC marketing and SEO to attract both paid visitors, organic visitors and maximise your visibility on search engines & social media.

This will hugely depend on your business type and industry. Some businesses perform better with Google ads, Google Shopping ads and some perform better on Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

We'll go through this with you to decide on the best campaign structure for your business.


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